For advertisers

Programming Wheel

Video content runs on a 4 minute cycle with priority given to customized content to enhance the shopper experience.
Local news, weather, and store promotions run with relevant ads to engage and entertain the shopper.

A better shopping experience = more loyal customers = larger basket rings


Shopper Content


Shopper Profiles

  • Media Data: Traffic Verification, Mobile-Link, Demo Intelligence

  • Insights: Shopper Trends, E-Commerce vs. Retail, New Products, Local-Regional trends


National Ads

  • Consumer Relevant
  • Entertaining
promotions @2x

CO-Branded & Store Promotions

  • Daily Promo
  • Weekend Promo
  • Seasonal Promo
  • CPG Promos

Customized Content

  • Local News Ticker
  • Weather Reports
  • Sports Updates

Customized Content 

An in-store experience for shoppers delivers dynamic content and ads throughout the shopping journey.

Digital screen in high traffic areas:

  • Add store specific ads
  • Store Communication (i.e. COVID)
  • Sell ads directly for added revenue
  • Analytics on shopper profiles

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