Shelf Nine is a Premier Retail Media Network

We provide an in-store digital experience for brands with specifically targeted 1:1 communications in the retail environment. Learn more how we help both Retailers and Advertisers

For Retailers

Communicate with your shoppers

An In-Store Experience for Shoppers that delivers content and ads throughout the shopping journey. Consumers see ads 3-4 times per visit.

  • Ideal screen locations throughout the store
  • Customized content per store
  • Data and reporting tool available

For Advertisers

Dynamic content per store

Local news, weather, and store promotions run with relevant ads to engage and entertain the shopper.

  • National Ads
  • Store Promotions
  • Customized Content
  • Co-Branded Promotions

Increased Shopper Engagement

Customized Retail Media Network delivers an added revenue stream to the store and a more dynamic way to communicate to your shoppers.


A Better Shopping Experience


Loyal Customers


Larger Basket Rings

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In Depth Shopper Data

Our network is powered by giving us powerful analytical tools for post-buy analysis, shopper profiles and media data.

For Store Owners:

  • Shopper profiles: journey data, media usage, basket, loyalty tracker

  • Insights: shopper trends, e-commerce vs. retail, new products, local-regional trends

For Advertisers:

  • Media data: traffic verification, mobile-link, demo intelligence

  • Insights: shopper trends, e-commerce vs. retail, new products, local-regional trends

Our self-service platform with the latest technology enables flexible campaigns with targeting, plus real-time bidding. Performance marketers reach the right folks at the right price to crush KPIs.

Man shopping

Shelf Nine is Nationwide

Our growing network of partners spans across the united states

A map of the United States highlighting the many Shelf Nine Network locations scattered across the map.